Demo 2016

by Subsumer

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Available in the physical world on silver double-sided cassette.


released December 1, 2016




Subsumer Seattle, Washington


Kari Killjoy
guitar, vocals

Bex Berryhill
bass, vocals

Matt X2

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Track Name: Swamp Fire
There is a light that shines in the dark
(there is a light that shines)
Trust and good reason get lost in the dark
(there is a light that shines)
Climb your way up on your ladder of arms
(there is a light that shines)
Fire from the swamp burns bright in the dark
(there is a light that shines...)

How do we pick up when things go wrong
When we feel used up, have given our all
Don't want to feel broken, jaded or dulled
but tiring of fighting to get out of this hole

How can we move on when family is gone
a box of memories, a heavy heart
just a flicker of fire alive in the hearth
is it enough of a spark to keep me inspired

How can I feel, and how can I say?
How can I feel, that I'm OK?

How do we move on when we've been changed
Event that have scarred us, left us in pain
Will I ever be healed, or just be left behind
will I ever be happy, will I ever be fine

Eyes closed and alone and I wish that you could hear this
Busy building social credit on the weekends
Fucking gossip and betray a friend
All the punks are cashing in 
Track Name: Ember and Smoke
Its a bitter pill, a dying hope
Leave a sour taste, a lump in my throat
Dreams of family alight on a column of smoke
Leave a lonely scent on my favorite coat
Words of intention spelled of burning ash
Repressed thoughts encased in melted glass
Fiery glow, drifting sparks afloat
Isolation wrapped in an ember cloak

Lightning bugs take flight
A glitter of warmth, a million dying lights
Let it burn, let the bitter winds blow
Take in the night, and let the emptiness go

What does blood mean?
It’s no thicker than 
The water running
Through my hands again

Can’t believe the great hypocrisy,
the lie we’re told to sleep
Wrapped in arms that choke and smother
When will we be released?

Can’t imagine life without the ones were told will always stay
A treason to tradition’s values, but we are better off this way

Now we walk the line between great loss and wild hope
Finding new families, but these will fall apart at last we know
Track Name: Strands
If there is a way out (a way out)
If there is a way in (a way in)
Pulling these cords
From inside of my throat
Consumed by the violence within

If there is a way out (a way to break out)
If there is a way in (a way in)
A light in the dark
The flash of a spark
Walk to the edge and then back again

You see me, but you can't see
The wires inside of me
Tearing me up from within
And the distortion is setting in

You can't seem to divide
Your vision from a deeper sight
A dreamscape wrapped in string
A fuller self wavering within

These strands are so thin that they vibrate through my skin
Sow through my psyche and tear me from within
These strands are so thin that they vibrate through my skin
Track Name: Brunt
These feelings I have are fleeting
The words you say have little meaning
Its not what you say, its just a feeling
This psychic burden has left me reeling

This beast of labor
Is not a labor of love
This brunt I’m bearing
This time you can fucking shove it

Theres a hole in my heart
These lips are frozen
Too cold to kiss, but a storm of emotion
My body, its hollow
It just won't function
Tearing a rift too wide, too furrowed

Aggressive words, subtly whispered
You say the right thing,
But whats being said?
Theres a hole in my heart
These lips are frozen
Too cold to kiss, but a storm of emotion

I can't be the one to hold this anymore
You walk away - leave it dead on the floor
Something is missing, your sick peace of mind
Something is changing, it's over this time

Yr trying your best you say
When the lights are low and your slate is clean
We’ll learn it again the hard way
Again the hard way
Again the hard way
Track Name: Slow Thaw
There is a time, is a place, is a feeling you can catch
In your hands, hold it there, pin it down and taste it
Under your skin, breathe it in
Feel the pull the ugly weight
Of the lie sinking in
Drowning you with the rip tide

A good friend once said
"it's that last thing that breaks you"
What if you haven't been broken and the flames
They won't take you
Like air that can't be grasped
Like an iron bar that just won't bend
Or a rock in the riverbed
That is worn away and turns to sand

You say that you are working it out
But all I hear is the crack of a glacier
These wounds twist and tear
But the body won't heal without the mind as well
Thoughts like drifts of snow
Hide our progress and has buried our growth
Like frost on a frozen lake
Too slow is the change, too long is the wait

There is no fire - just the burning of heart in the hand
There is no fire - just the thaw of frozen land

Can’t feel
Can’t touch
Won’t break
Wont rust

Remake these twisted thoughts
Realign these patterns of pain
Cuz I don't want to end up bitter
Don't want to end up worn and drained
Cast away this body
Cast away this weight
Let's shed this frost that binds us
Be reborn in flames
Track Name: Faulty Maps
We draw the mist around us
Cold fog and stars enshroud us
Deep breaths in bodies know
We will break and we will grow 

We draw the sea around us 
Cold water pulls upon us
Deep waves in motion hold
Secrets we already know

Thinking back to the days in my head
Of a time before your mind slipped away
I wonder if those words that you spoke
Will forever be burned from my brain

Wish that death that I saw in your eyes
Would not be reflected through my own brain
Like a needle that has been threaded through time
A disease I just won't let be mine

I can’t - I won’t - believe the lies they told to me
I can’t stop it… I can’t stop it

I see your face in me
Slipping down the same dark hole
A desk of dusty paperwork
And a mind that fills with mold

I breath deep with your lungs
And try to clear the air
My thoughts grow quickly stagnant
Dark clouds round my hair

How do I make it out when all these maps are flawed
The city curls within itself, and all the roads lead down

There is no way to walk away from this
Generations of fear are plaguing us
There is no time to look for confidence in someone else’s eyes
There is no room to move inside of this
Darkness slowly closing down on us
Take these hammers, pry these nails, 
Burn these bridges, set the sails!